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What is Orthopedic Massage?

Paul Parsons

Orthopedic Massage
Lic. 4277

Orthopedic massage is:

1. Assessment

2. Manipulation

3. Movement of soft tissue to reduce pain.

We have found that if we can restore structural balance throughout the body then we can focus on prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Combining techniques allows for better results. One person may respond to cranial sacral therapy while another requires myofascial release and stretching. This is why clear communication between client and therapist is vital.

Why Does it Work?

Muscle groups shorten due to injury, prolonged poor posture or repetitive motions that cause pain. These muscle groups need to be released for pain relief to occur.

In plain English, Orthopedic massage will make you feel better, faster, without pain.

What Kind of Pain do you Have?

Some examples of issues that are easily addressed with Orthopedic massage are:

Whiplash injuries, Thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis.

My clients include:
Professional athletes, Retired professionals, Massage therapists, Doctors and nurses, business owners, weekend warriors, wind and kite surfers, stand up and canoe paddlers, active older adults, personal trainers, tri-athletes, dancers, yoga and pilates instructors, bodybuilders, professional golfers and tennis players, gymnasts, lobbyists, senators, hedge fund managers, investors, police officers, and firefighters.

Whether you are a local Maui residents, part-time Maui residents, or a Maui visitors we can help you.

We accept workman compensation and car accident insurance claims.

We Recommend These Products:

Travel Roller:

In our experience, having tried many massage tools we have found The travelroller to be the best self massage tool on the market.

The unique design makes it the perfect size to reach all muscle groups. The travel roller website offers free instructional videos. If you have questions about your specific needs, book a session with one of our therapists.

Travelroller new order just received. Come pick up your travelroller in the office today!

Stretchsit Cushion from Esther Gokhale. Since using the stretchsit cushion and referring it to clients I have seen amazing results. Painful driving experiences are a thing of the past with the stretchsit cushion.

These are ready for pick up in the office now. Supplies are limited.

Paul Parsons
Orthopedic Massage
Lic. 4277

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