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Paul Parsons
Orthopedic Massage
Lic. 4277

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Paul Parsons was born and raised on Maui. He was introduced to massage at an early age. Some family and friends thought he was suffering from ADHD. In early childhood Paul often requested back massages. His mother found that these given at bedtime improved his quality of sleep and had a calming effect on his behavior the next day. As a registered nurse she did all she could to avoid modifying his behavior with drugs. Licensed to practice massage at the age of 19. Paul always studies and works to improve his skill set and develop and incorporate the latest and most effective pain relief techniques to create a signature massage. This method allows clients to improve in a fraction of the time that traditional therapies take. It is Paul's sincere hope that you will allow him to show you how the correct massage techniques will benefit you and your loved ones.

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